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We pride ourselves on taking any idea and creating a working product that either solves your initial problem or allows you to build a business around it. We strive to put out quality products for anyone searching for an engineering firm from individuals to big companies.

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Denham Products was founded due to the frustration over the traditional approach to product development, which included long design times, over-designing, high costs, and numerous pointless features. We are revolutionizing the way products are brought to market by focusing on the core of the idea, simplifying and speeding up the design process. 

The economy is now becoming an inefficient place to try out new ideas because there is a high cost
and complexity barrier to entry, and many overseas engineering firms deliver products that have design flaws.

Denham Products sees an intersection of three factors that allow us to drastically reduce the cost of going to market. Additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing) is getting to a point where it can be used for more than just making knick knacks and can actually produce structurally sound reproducible parts. We also redesign products made overseas to fix the flaws. This allows your business to thrive no matter where you are in the product development process.

PCB prototyping and embedded development has drastically reduced timelines, and working products can now be fully developed combining 3D printed parts and rapid prototyping PCBs. Anything is possible leveraging todays technology, so what are you going to make?

We want to help you make your ideas a reality

 We help you design and prototype your ideas while finding creative solutions to your existing products. Our background as mechanical, electrical and software engineers allows us to design products for injection molding, CNC Milling, embedded controls, battery operated products, and phone and/or web apps to control devices and monitor data. Leverage our engineering expertise to bring your product to market successfully.   Whether it’s a simple toy part or a prototype for a complex system, we’ve got your back 

You can also visit our business partner page at dcinnovationtech.com

Product Design

Our engineering design process is important because it allows us to properly evaluate your product and figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your idea while also figuring out a way to test the physical limits of available time, costs, tools, and resources. 

Product Engineering

Working with us allows you to not only work with true experts in our respective engineering fields but also to work with business-minded engineers that prioritize being as cost-efficient and fast as possible.

Product Prototyping

A prototype allows for you to have a full-scale and functional product based on your initial designs. You can use this prototype for investor demonstrations, user testing, and give your audience a product to visualize and interact with.

Product Prototype by Denham Products: A Denver Engineering Consulting Firm

For aspiring problem solvers, having a working early-stage prototype is critical. Prototypes coupled with professional models, engineered drawings, and PowerPoint decks allow the vision to become a reality. Our goal is to provide affordable early-stage product development, prototyping, and production-ready designs.



Product Design by Denham Products - A Denver Based Engineering Consulting Firm



Affordable Engineering
for Early Stage

We are a reputable engineering design firm centered around early-stage projects to facilitate bringing your dreams into reality.

An Engineering Consulting Firm Specializing in Product Prototyping
Denham Products - A Denver Based Engineering Firm

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of projects does Denham Projects take on?

It is our goal to help anyone with a product based business. We take anything from prototyping, PCB design, product design repair up to full-scale product development. Our specialty is making your product a reality. We are a platform for turning your idea into reality and pushing it to market. 

How expensive are prototypes?

Depending on the complexity of the idea. For a non-complex idea, a prototype typically only costs a few thousand dollars. Generally, you need less than you think to start investigating your product-market fit.

Does Denham Products manufacture products?

We specialize in early-stage prototyping and have all the in-house capabilities to make this happen. Contact us if you’d like a prototype. If volume production is required, we have a wide selection of both US-based and international manufacturers that we team up with to bring your product to market.

How do I ensure my idea is protected?

We consider any client engagement confidential. Additionally, we can provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before discussing your idea. Feel free to contact us if you wish to receive an NDA.

What If I'm not satisfied with the work that is done?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of work that
we have produced, please inquire and we will work together to resolve the issue.

Do we provide next day shipping?

We can provide next-day shipping or overnight shipping, however, we pass the shipping costs on to our clients.

How do we compare to Protolabs and Xometry

Unlike Protolabs and Xometry, Denham Products does 3D modeling and gives you a personalized experience. We accommodate you personally, wherever you are in the ideation process.

Denham Products - A Denver Based Engineering Firm

What starts as a sketch on a napkin could be the beginning of your future, with a little help from us.