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We pride ourselves on being able to take any idea and create a working product that either solves your initial problem or allows you to build a business around it. From individual to big businesses, we strive to put out quality products for anyone in search of an engineering arm.

Your Trusted Engineering Consulting Firm

Denham Products was founded due to the frustration over the traditional approach to product development, which included long design times, over-designing, high costs, and numerous pointless features. We are revolutionizing the way products are brought to market by focusing on the core of the idea, simplifying and speeding up the design process.

The economy is now becoming an inefficient place to try out new ideas because there is a high cost
and complexity barrier to entry. Just tooling up a factory for a three-piece injection molded part can be a five digit cost or higher.

Denham Products sees an intersection of three factors that allow us to drastically reduce the cost of going to market. Additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing) is getting to a point where it can be used for more than just making knick knacks and can actually produce structurally sound reproducible parts.

Where We Excel

We specialize in transforming your idea from design to prototype to product. Our proven design process allows you to generate sales before production and talk with investors. Even without elaborate features, a functional prototype lets a potential customer visualize how your product can solve a problem and how it will be used. You can touch it, hold it and feel how it will be used. Equally as important, it lets you obtain critical feedback about product features and usability without the need to tool up for expensive production.

3D Design

3D Design allows you to see details and features of your product that can not be in traditional 2D renderings. Not only does it allow you to visualize the space requirements, but it allows improvements in efficiency & accuracy of the following drawings.

Product Engineering

Working with us allows you to not only work with true experts in our respective engineering fields but also to work with business-minded engineers that prioritize being as cost-efficient and fast as possible.

Product Prototyping

A prototype allows for you to have a full-scale and functional product based on your initial designs. You can use this prototype for investor demonstrations, user testing, and give your audience a product to visualize and interact with.

Product Design

Our engineering design process is important because it allows us to properly evaluate your product and figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your idea while also figuring out a way to test the physical limits of available time, costs, tools, and resources. 

Project Guidance

Denham Products has experience with numerous projects at all different complexity levels and different stages in the development process. We’ve seen innovators that want to create one solution for themselves and others who go through the entire business life cycle process.

Supplier Selection

Supplier selection/supplier engineering is the process of choosing and auditing the correct supplier. By guiding suppliers through the right process, we can eliminate defects and limit costs, which compounds exponentially over time. 

Product Prototype by Denham Products: A Denver Engineering Consulting Firm

For aspiring problem solvers, having a working early-stage prototype is critical. Prototypes coupled with professional models, engineered drawings, and PowerPoint decks allow the vision to become a reality. Our goal is to provide affordable early-stage product development, prototyping, and production-ready designs.



Product Design by Denham Products - A Denver Based Engineering Firm

Our Unique Engineering Process

1. Learn

This is the period where we learn everything that we need to so that we can create the best possible product for you within your budget. Anything can be created in today’s world, the true talent is creating it to work at an affordable price.

2. Create

After the learning process, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. We will take your ideas/designs and turn them into a prototype. We will go through multiple iterations but we will build it.

3. Review

Some consider this step to be the most fun in the entire process. It will be your first experience in using your product. Now we can see how it holds up and if we like its performance. Ideas are one thing, but making them work and proving them through testing and experimentation is another.

4. Test

Testing is a key step to get your feedback. There are times that after testing we may go back and recreate parts of the product and test again but this review period is necessary for every successful product. 

5. Finalize

This is the part where we create and finalize the product. We have taken it from idea to reality and proved it works through testing and experimentation. The only thing that is left is to put it into production!

Product Design by Denham Products - A Denver Based Engineering Consulting Firm



Affordable Engineering
for Early Stage

We are a reputable engineering design firm centered around early-stage projects to facilitate bringing your dreams into reality.

An Engineering Consulting Firm Specializing in Product Prototyping


Leverage our engineering, modeling, & rapid prototyping services to succeed on your next project. Whether it’s a simple toy part or a prototype for a mechanically complex mechanism, we’ve got your back.

An Engineering Firm Focused on the Individual

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of projects does Denham Projects take on?

It is our goal to help people that would have never pursued product development without us. We take anything from 3D modeling work, 3D printing, and prototyping up to full-scale product development. Our specialty is helping individuals get started. We are becoming a platform for turning your idea into reality and pushing it to market. 

How expensive are prototypes?

Depending on the complexity of the idea. For a non-complex idea, a prototype typically only costs a few hundred dollars. Generally, you need less than you think to start investigating your product-market fit.

Does Denham Products manufacture products?

We specialize in early-stage prototyping and have all the in-house capabilities to make this happen. Contact us if you’d like a prototype. If volume production is required, we have a wide selection of both US-based and international manufacturers that we team up with to bring your product to market.

How do I ensure my idea is protected?

We consider any client engagement confidential. Additionally, we can provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before discussing your idea. Feel free to contact us if you wish to receive an NDA.

What If I'm not satisfied with the work that is done?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of work that
we have produced, please inquire and we will work together to resolve the issue.

Do we provide next day shipping?

We can provide next-day shipping or overnight shipping, however, we pass the shipping costs on to our clients.

How do we compare to Protolabs and Xometry

Unlike Protolabs and Xometry, Denham Products does 3D modeling and gives you a personalized experience. We also charge far lower prices than big companies as these and we can accommodate you personally, wherever you are in the ideation process.

Denham Products - A Denver Based Engineering Firm

What starts as a sketch on a napkin could be the beginning of your future, with a little help from us.