About Denham Products



We provide early-stage engineering, design, and prototyping services to visionaries looking to bring their ideas to life. Our emphasis on truly understanding your idea down to its core allows us to create the quickest path to market discovery. The one thing all our clients have in common is that no matter how big or small they are, we treat them equally in order to bring their ideas to life.

Our Why

With a team of individuals that want to create a platform that efficiently launches products into the marketplace, we pride ourselves on our streamlined approach to product growth.

We exist to change the world by streamlining product growth. Everyone involved in this company wants to leave the world a better place by creating a platform for efficiently launching products into the market.

An Engineering Firm Focused on the Individual

The Mission

We want to ensure that everyone has access to affordable engineering and modeling services. With our competitors taking unnecessary amounts of time to develop your idea, our streamlined process allows us to quickly research and develop your ideas into usable products.

We no longer want people to feel deterred from taking their ideas to the next level due to development costs being inflated. Denham Products is a trendsetter as we are working towards making engineering, modeling, and 3D printing available to everyone.

Our Dedicated Team

Denham Products - A Denver Based Engineering Firm

What starts as a sketch on a napkin could be the beginning of your future, with a little help from us.