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3D Modeling allows for the design process to be as efficient as possible. When compared to 2D modeling, in which there has to be a model made for each view – your entire design is made with one model. By only having to design one model, the likeness of a  mistake occurring and having information duplicated is mitigated drastically.  3D modeling also allows for our team to walk through the model and see if the design conflicts with any other disciplines or existing conditions that are oftentimes not caught in 2D. Our team can easily see any safety concerns, equipment maintenance access, and operational issues. Overall, this is a more user-friendly design for you as the end-user.

The Benefits of Engineering Design

For innovators that have a hard time visualizing their designs from 2D drawings, 3D modeling allows for them to see how much space and access that their current design will have before it is physically built. Our 3D modeling allows for our team to not only be productive but it starts a line of communication that sparks important conversations during the design process so we can avoid costly mistakes.

Engineering Design by Denham Products
Engineering Design by Denham Products
Engineering Design by Denham Products
Engineering Design by Denham Products
Engineering Design by Denham Products

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SLA and FDM 3D printing?
SLA is stereolithography printing which is where you shine light at the bottom of a vat of resin and pull layers of hardened resin out of the vat. It yields high accuracy parts and prints very quickly but needs extensive pre and post-processing care. FDM is filament deposition modeling that uses a hot extruder to push and melt filament through a nozzle and then lay it down on top of the previous layer. This method yields lower accuracy parts but the pre and post-processing are much quicker and easier. Have more questions about different types of 3D printers and want to know more? Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.
Why is SLA 3D printing more expensive?

SLA printing although the actual print is quick and highly accurate it is more expensive because it takes a very large effort to prepare the printer and post-process the prints to get a finished part. The process goes through numerous consumables. Want to know more? Give us a call.

What if I want to rush my 3D prints?

You can rush a 3D print job, however, due to the extra effort it takes the team to get it done quicker, the cost increases. Want a part made overnight? Reach out to us.

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