Our Engineering Services

3D Design

Our experience as engineers paired with the advancement of 3D Modeling software allows us to turn ideas into models much faster than the industry standard.

Product Engineering

From our first interaction to a completed product, we are there every step of the way to ensure that your project goes as smoothly as possible. Our team is dedicated to going the extra mile on your project to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

Product Prototyping

Prototypes allow you to realize what features need improvement so that you can perfect the product and optimize success in the marketplace. Prototypes should not be held to standards of the final product as they are not production quality.

Electrical Engineering

Adding a circuit board allows you to bring your product to life. Adding motors, sensors and wireless communication makes many products more valuable to your customers and gives you a competitive edge over the competition.

Product Design

Our team will decide on a solution that provides your product with the most desired features with the least amount of negatives. Our unique team of engineers allows us to be iterate through your product while identifying and solving problems as we go.

Software Development

Phone, web and computer apps allow your product to be controlled from anywhere in the world. While most app development firms will break the bank to deliver a full featured app, many times they charge you for more than you need. We give you new product a basic app so that you can start moving your business forward.

Engineering Services -Product Prototyping by Denham Products - A Denver Based Engineering Design Firm
Engineering Design by Denham Products

Why Denham Products?

We strive to help the individual and everyone who wants to launch a product but doesn’t quite have the budget to go through full-scale production. 


Affordable Development Prices


Quick Product Turnaround


Dedicated Team To Guide You

Product Design by Denham Products - A Denver Based Engineering Firm

Our Unique Engineering Process

We specialize in transforming your idea from design to prototype to product. Our proven design process allows you to generate sales before production and talk with investors. Even without elaborate features, a functional prototype lets a potential customer visualize how your product can solve a problem and how it will be used. You can touch it, hold it and feel how it will be used. Equally as important, it lets you obtain critical feedback about product features and usability without the need to tool up for expensive production.

1. Learn

This is the period where we learn everything that we need to so that we can create the best possible product for you within your budget. Anything can be created in today’s world, the true talent is creating it to work at an affordable price.

2. Create

After the learning process, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. We will take your ideas/designs and turn them into a prototype. We will go through multiple iterations but we will build it.

3. Review

Some consider this step to be the most fun in the entire process. It will be your first experience in using your product. Now we can see how it holds up and if we like its performance. Ideas are one thing, but making them work and proving them through testing and experimentation is another.

4. Test

Testing is a key step to get your feedback. There are times that after testing we may go back and recreate parts of the product and test again but this review period is necessary for every successful product. 

5. Finalize

This is the part where we create and finalize the product. We have taken it from idea to reality and proved it works through testing and experimentation. The only thing that is left is to put it into production!



Denham Products was instrumental during my last project. Their commitment to understanding the customers’ objectives became obvious from the very first time I spoke with them. DP’s patience and engineering excellence have truly given me the best possible chance of success in my industry. I could not have achieved my goals without them, and will absolutely be returning for my next endeavor.

- Frigate Group LLC


After finding Denham Products on Craigslist they provided an all-inclusive engineering service which consisted of an engineered model, drawing, and 3D print. The cost was well below other alternatives, but their service was exceptional nonetheless. They were able to transform my napkin sketch into a physical part in under two weeks! The lines of communication remained open throughout that time, affording me the best minimum viable product on the first go. If I need further modifications to my idea in the future, I will definitely go back to Denham Products for help.

- Kris

Denham Products - A Denver Based Engineering Firm

What starts as a sketch on a napkin could be the beginning of your future, with a little help from us.