Xhoi "Joey" Trebicka - Chief Financial Officer

About Xhoi  Trebicka

Chief Financial Officer

I joined Denham Products due to my vision and values aligning perfectly with Forrest and where he wanted to take the company. My background has pushed me to become highly interested in new technologies that further develop FinTech, Product Development, and Sustainable Infrastructure Development.

My Story

How I Got Started

As the brains of the financial side of the business, I hold a double major degree in Finance & Entrepreneurship from the Hult Business School in San Fransisco. I then pursued a Master’s of Science in Applied Business Analytics with a focus in Statistics at Boston University. Upon my graduation, I moved back to Albania where I worked for the biggest eCommerce retailer and
helped them make major strides by identifying ways to improve customer satisfaction through retention analysis. My experience leveraging ideas into successful business models plus my educational background is extremely beneficial to the success of Denham Products.

Xhoi "Joey" Trebicka - Chief Financial Officer

sWhat I Do

In My Spare Time

When I’m not dealing with complicated accounting issues and financial projections, I can be found boxing, snowboarding, or hiking with my dog. I enjoy experiencing everything this world has to offer and constantly pushing myself to try new things. In my off time, I don’t mind laying back and going fishing or catching a good movie. 

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelor’s in Finance & Entrepreneurship – Hult Business School
  • Master’s in Business Analytics with A Priority in Statistics – Boston University
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